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The Problem

Workplaces are stressing us out

The workplace, including the work environment, systems and processes, and people who work within it, can help or hinder an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Exposure of employees to psychosocial risks at work, such as high job demands, low job control, along with organizational cultures that value productivity ahead of psychological health can contribute to:

  • poor diet, sleep, and lack of exercise
  • increased depression, anxiety, and burnout
  • physical injury and illness.

It’s in every employer’s best interest to invest in a wellbeing program that educates and engages their workforce in the latest, evidence-based research and strategies they can use to counter these risks.

"~ 1 in 6 Australian workers experience a significant level of mental ill-health in a 4-week period."

Source: Mentally healthy workplaces: A return on investment study 2017

Our Solutions

We can help you create healthier, more connected workplace communities

It can be difficult to figure out what works. That's where we can help you.

Spanning Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep & Mental Health, our solutions are designed with leading academics and educators to help your people learn how to build healthier behaviours, be more resilient, and have more fun.


With a variety of engaging expert speakers and health topics, our keynotes are the perfect addition to a large team event or a more intimate lunch & learn series.

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Research-based and expert-led, our online courses offer an unrivalled opportunity to learn how to build healthy behaviours around nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

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If you're not sure where to start with your workplace wellbeing program, or would like to soundboard your ideas with us, get in touch. We know what works and we'd love to help you.

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Working with us is good for your health

We've helped companies around Australia design and implement solutions to improve employee wellbeing and create happier, healthier cultures.

Return On Investment

The Case for Employee Wellbeing Is Clear

Research shows that healthier and happier employees:

  • have fewer sick days
  • are more effective and more productive
  • can increase the wellbeing of those around them¬†

Whatsmore, organisations that successfully implement effective employee wellbeing initiatives to create a healthy workplace can expect a positive return on investment.

"On average an ROI of $2.80 - $4 can be expected for every dollar spent by organizations that successfully implement Health Promotion Programs."

Source: Mentally healthy workplaces: A return on investment study 2017

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